A little acceptance can make all the difference in a child’s life.


Who are we?

Sensory Sundays is a nonprofit agency mentoring, implementing, and designing programs for sensory and special needs children in the Washington, D.C. area.

What is our mission?

Sensory Sundays mission is to provide children all across the Northern Virginia area the opportunity to receive hair services in an environment of acceptance and non-judgement. We work closely with our families to build trust and rehabilitate the normally traumatic experience of getting a haircut by combing the skill of a professional stylist with the knowledge of a trained educator.

How did we get started?

Sensory Sundays founders, Kristen Shehadi and Garrett Wilhelm have worked closely to develop a method that works for special needs and autistic children receiving haircuts by practicing their techniques on their autistic son Ashton. Once Kristen and Garrett refined their method, they brought it to the community by hosting the very first Sensory Sunday at GLOWstudios, Kristen’s salon in Ashburn, Virginia. What started with 3 children has now turned into a monthly event (every first Sunday of the month) and is booking month’s out. Interested in booking? Click here.